Month: June 2021

NHIF Bill amendments: the devil is in the details

The government-backed National Hospital Insurance Fund (Amendment) Bill before the National Assembly proposes significant changes to the administration and implementation of the scheme. These changes are on the wings of reforms that started two years ago to reposition the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) into a strategic purchaser. Strategic purchasing is a concept rooted in […]

Building Momentum for Strategic Purchasing across sub-Saharan Africa

SPARC was invited to present to The Health Financing Global Solution Group of the World Bank Group at a webinar themed, ‘Building Momentum for Strategic Purchasing across sub-Saharan Africa’ The webinar was held in light of the intense pressure that the fragile resource base of health systems in sub-Saharan Africa have been subjected to due […]

May 2021 Reflections

After months of work with our technical partners on the strategic purchasing functional mapping results and reports, and weeks of preparation, we kicked off our webinar series, “Strengthening Strategic Health Purchasing in Africa — Changing the Conversation.” Did you catch the first session? We launched the strategic purchasing policy briefs from nine countries and hosted three policymakers […]

Promoting Efficient and Effective Use of Resources Mobilized to Manage the Covid 19 Pandemic. Lessons and Reflections From Uganda

The  WHO has been pushing for a whole of Government approach and whole of society approach in responding  to the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, in Uganda the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an overwhelming need for resources that could not be met by the Government of Uganda alone. Government therefore called for support from citizens, Non-Governmental Organizations […]

Improving the Efficiency of Resource Allocation for Covid-19 Response in Imo State – The Role of Strategic Purchasing

Introduction The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in wide scale social and economic implications and has had a huge impact on people’s lives, families and communities [1].  In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, countries have reconfigured their systems to provide required services to contain the pandemic, deploying preventive equipment, testing services, intensive care units (ICU) beds, […]

Evaluating Strategic Health Purchasing Functions in Improving Effectiveness and Efficiency of Resources Allocated for COVID-19 Response in Abia State

Introduction Abia state was free of COVID-19 until March 29, 2020, when two sick persons tested positive for the virus.  The effect of the pandemic on the physical, social and economic well-being of Abians is evident. There was a decrease in workforce participation across all sectors due to job losses followed by an economic crisis […]

Strategic Investments in Communication Improve the Fight Against COVID-19: The Case of the 3535 Helpline in Burkina Faso

Communication is a key component in the response to COVID-19. At the beginning of the epidemic in Burkina Faso, a helpline was set up to allow the public to alert the community of suspected cases and contact cases. This helpline was a key part of the communication system around the disease, initially with tens of […]

Incidence and Case Fatality Rate for COVID-19 in Enugu State, Southeast Nigeria: An opportunity to Make the Right Investment and Improve Strategic Health Purchasing in the Health Sector

A novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) known to be responsible for an infectious disease called coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was first identified and reported from Wuhan city of China in December, 2019 [1].  SARS-CoV-2 is highly contagious, spreading globally in a very short period of time, and was declared a global pandemic by […]

Towards Strategic Health Purchasing for UHC: Recognizing and Mitigating the Consequences of Multiple and Mixed Provider Payment Mechanisms in Abia State

Background Although public health expenditure is low in Nigeria, healthcare purchasing has been predominantly passive and inefficient, meaning that limited resources are wasted (Etiaba et al., 2018). Recent health financing reforms in Nigeria recognize the critical roles of State governments and related agencies in defining, implementing and managing healthcare purchasing functions within decentralized health financing […]

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