The Strategic Purchasing Africa Resource Centre (SPARC) is an initiative hosted by Amref Health Africa as part of its strategic move to support health financing reforms in Africa.Since launching the initiative in November 2017, SPARC has been on a journey to build momentum and capacity for strategic purchasing across sub-Saharan Africa by expanding and connecting the growing critical mass of expertise, understanding and sharing practical experience on the continent and supporting countries to overcome political and technical barriers to using limited resources to promote equitable access to quality primary healthcare services. Building on its learnings so far, SPARC aims to scale up its impact by strengthening its network of expertise, generating and sharing more practical tools and experiences on the continent and, as a result, helping more countries advance strategic purchasing. In addition, SPARC is strengthening its strategic partnerships to expand its reach and sustain its impact in Africa.Are you interested in joining us on this adventure? Check out our vacant roles here:

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