Month: June 2021

COVID-19 Response In Nigeria: Where is the Accountability and How Strategic is the Purchasing of Health Services?

October 27, 2020 Health is a fundamental human right; thus, access to this basic right of an individual should be protected and guaranteed to citizens of all nations irrespective of the prevailing circumstances.  However, the greatest challenge to this right of the citizens is the financial resource constraints in achieving unhindered access to quality healthcare […]

What Factors Hinder Progress Towards Strategic Purchasing for Healthcare in Imo state, South East Nigeria?

As part of the global agenda to achieve access to efficient, equitable, affordable and quality healthcare to the population, countries have committed to attaining Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Strategic health purchasing (SHP), as a core function of healthcare financing, is critical to achieving UHC, linking resource mobilisation to pooling, ensuring efficient and equitable delivery of […]

Public-Private Partnership in the COVID-19 Response in Uganda: Harnessing the Synergy

On a Monday in the first week of August 2020, I walked into a private clinic at a local town, for consultation and health care since I was feeling unwell.  As always, I interacted with the General Practitioner (GP) at the clinic, who went ahead and diagnosed me and took some samples of my blood […]

Integration of Health Information Systems to Support Evidence-Based Decision Making for Strategic Purchasing in Tanzania

The government of Tanzania through its Ministry of Health and Social Welfare provides health care services to its citizens through a network of public and non-public facilities. There are approximately 169 data systems of which 149 (82%) capture specific health data and 29 (18%) capture data beyond the health sector (MTR, 2015-2020). Recently, Tanzania has […]

Preparing for COVID-19 in Tanzania

As COVID-19 was declared a global public health emergency by the WHO, Tanzania began to undertake preparations to control the spread of the disease, along with undertaking strategies that were tailored to the local context. The country’s health system needed to be equipped and ready to respond to the pandemic in order to protect the […]

What can we learn from Benin’s population targeting strategy for the national health insurance scheme?

Context: Benin’s government is redesigning their social protection systems to facilitate access to healthcare for its citizens and accelerate progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) (Assogba et al. 2018).  Out-of-pocket payments constitute 38.6% of healthcare expenditure in Benin – a significant financial barrier to accessing health services for majority of Benin’s population . (Wright et […]

Developing a Single National Health Insurance in Tanzania Has Been a Long Journey of Incremental Changes and Stakeholder Engagement

Introduction The Tanzanian Government has a goal to provide equitable access to a standard Minimum Benefit Package (MBP) for every citizen through a new Single National Health Insurance (SNHI). To actualize this goal, the government needs to develop the National Health Insurance Infrastructure defined in a Health Financing Strategy and enacted through a National Health […]

Impact of Direct Health Facility Financing on Facility Roles and Relationships

Implementation of direct health facility financing (DHFF) in Tanzania began in the 2017/18 fiscal year with the goal of improving primary healthcare (PHC) services through fiscal decentralization. The centerpiece of DHFF is the direct transfer of funds from the Ministry of Finance and Planning to frontline PHC facilities to enhance service delivery. The shift was […]

Des investissements stratégiques dans la communication peuvent contribuer à améliorer la lutte contre la COVID-19 : le cas de la ligne verte 3535 au Burkina Faso

La communication est une composante clé de la riposte contre la COVID-19. Au début de l’épidémie au Burkina Faso, une ligne verte d’appels téléphoniques a été mise en place pour permettre à la population d’alerter sur les cas suspects et les cas contacts. Cette ligne verte était au centre du dispositif de communication autour de […]

Key Messages from the May FORCE Community Webinar: Exploring the Tools & Technology for the Coaching Approach

Background As part of a series of FORCE Friday sessions to build capacity and increase the understanding of the Coaching Approach (CA) by FORCE members, the Country Engagement (CE) process framework has been used to highlight the technical and softs skills needed by coaches and mentors at every step.  In January, the webinar provided an […]

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