Improving the Efficiency of Resource Allocation for Covid-19 Response in Imo State – The Role of Strategic Purchasing

Charles Ezenduka, Eric Obikeze, BSC Uzochukwu, Obinna Onwujekwe Introduction The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in wide scale social and economic implications and has had a huge impact on people’s lives, families and communities [1].  In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, countries have reconfigured their systems to provide required services to contain the pandemic, deploying preventive […]

Evaluating Strategic Health Purchasing Functions in Improving Effectiveness and Efficiency of Resources Allocated for COVID-19 Response in Abia State

Irene Eze, Chinyere Mbachu, Chinyere Okeke, Benjamin Uzochukwu, Obinna Onwujekwe Introduction Abia state was free of COVID-19 until March 29, 2020, when two sick persons tested positive for the virus.  The effect of the pandemic on the physical, social and economic well-being of Abians is evident. There was a decrease in workforce participation across all […]

Incidence and Case Fatality Rate for COVID-19 in Enugu State, Southeast Nigeria: An opportunity to Make the Right Investment and Improve Strategic Health Purchasing in the Health Sector

Henry E. Aloh, Ifeyinwa Arize, Daniel Ogbuabor, Benjamin Uzochukwu and Obinna Onwujekwe A novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) known to be responsible for an infectious disease called coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was first identified and reported from Wuhan city of China in December, 2019 [1].  SARS-CoV-2 is highly contagious, spreading globally in a […]

Towards Strategic Health Purchasing for UHC: Recognizing and Mitigating the Consequences of Multiple and Mixed Provider Payment Mechanisms in Abia State

Chinyere Mbachu, Chinyere Okeke, Chinonso Obayi, Irene Eze, Benjamin Uzochukwu, Obinna Onwujekwe Background Although public health expenditure is low in Nigeria, healthcare purchasing has been predominantly passive and inefficient, meaning that limited resources are wasted (Etiaba et al., 2018). Recent health financing reforms in Nigeria recognize the critical roles of State governments and related agencies […]

COVID-19 Response In Nigeria: Where is the Accountability and How Strategic is the Purchasing of Health Services?

Uchenna Ewelike, Uchenna  Ezenwaka, Chikezie Nwankwor, Benjamin Uzochukwu and  Obinna Onwujekwe October 27, 2020 Health is a fundamental human right; thus, access to this basic right of an individual should be protected and guaranteed to citizens of all nations irrespective of the prevailing circumstances.  However, the greatest challenge to this right of the citizens is […]

What Factors Hinder Progress Towards Strategic Purchasing for Healthcare in Imo state, South East Nigeria?

Charles Ezenduka, Eric Obikeze, BSC Uzochukwu, Obinna Onwujekwe As part of the global agenda to achieve access to efficient, equitable, affordable and quality healthcare to the population, countries have committed to attaining Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Strategic health purchasing (SHP), as a core function of healthcare financing, is critical to achieving UHC, linking resource mobilisation […]

Assurance maladie sociale et achats stratégiques de soins de santé au Nigeria

Les Nigérians sont environ 4,3 % à être inscrits dans l’un ou l’autre des régimes d’assurance maladie sociale. La Caisse nationale d’assurance maladie (NHIS) est la structure responsable de l’assurance maladie sociale. Elle a pour principale fonction d’établir des directives et des normes pour les programmes d’assurance maladie sociale dans le pays. La NHIS assure […]

Social Health Insurance and Strategic Health Purchasing in Nigeria

Social Health Insurance and Strategic Health Purchasing in Nigeria In Nigeria, there are about 4.3% of Nigerians registered in one form of social health insurance programme or the other. The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) is the agency responsible for social health insurance. It provides the primary purchasing function of setting guidelines and standards for the social […]

Les Enseignements Pour L’afrique Face À La Pandémie Mondiale Du Coronavirus

Le nouveau coronavirus, appelé COVID-19, a créé une urgence sanitaire mondiale sans précédent. Plusieurs pays africains ont pris diverses mesures pour prévenir la propagation du coronavirus et atténuer son impact sur les moyens de subsistance et leurs économies en général. Au point culminant de la pandémie, des pays tels que le Rwanda et l’Ouganda, et […]

Coronavirus: Amid The Global Pandemic, Lessons For Africa

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has created an unprecedented global health emergency. Several African countries have taken a variety of actions to prevent the spread of coronavirus and mitigate its impact on livelihoods and their overall economies. At the peak of the pandemic, countries such as Rwanda, Uganda, and South Africa were under a nationwide lockdown, […]

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