Health System Governance: A Triangle of Rules

One well-known challenge of working in multidisciplinary fields (such as global health and health systems) is finding a language that is understandable, recognisable and useable by people from varying backgrounds. Without such language, it is difficult to have discussions that are necessary for multidisciplinary fields to grow and achieve their purpose. Forging a common language requires deliberate effort. Having a widely accepted framework can help, especially when accompanied by theories that connect the categories within the framework. Even then, some issues or subfields require working at a common language more than others — for example, governance, which, as far as words and concepts go, is remarkably nebulous. In this edition of BMJ Global Health, Bigdeli et al offer a promising framework; a ‘triangle of persons’, if you will, to explore hitherto ‘missing links’ in health system governance.

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BMJ Global Health
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