Month: April 2021

Mise en œuvre de l’assurance maladie universelle au Burkina Faso : quels enjeux pour l’implication des mécanismes assurantiels préexistants ?

Le Burkina Faso a adopté en 2015 une loi portant sur la création d’un régime d’assurance maladie universelle (RAMU), obligatoire pour tous. Nous proposons une réflexion sur la problématique de l’implication des mécanismes assurantiels déjà existants dans la mise en œuvre de ce RAMU. Les mécanismes assurantiels sont peu développés au Burkina Faso, où environ […]

La cartographie dynamique : un outil innovant pour une gestion transparente et équitable des ressources mobilisées pour la lutte contre la COVID-19 au Burkina Faso

Dans le cadre de la riposte à la COVID-19, le Burkina Faso a bénéficié d’un élan de solidarité nationale et internationale qui s’est manifesté à travers des dons, appuis et soutiens multiformes. Pour assurer un suivi régulier et une gestion transparente et équitable des ressources reçues, le ministère de la Santé a entrepris la mise […]

Implementation of Universal Health Insurance in Burkina Faso: Challenges of Involving Pre-existing Insurance Mechanisms

In 2015, Burkina Faso adopted a law on universal health insurance scheme (RAMU), which is compulsory for all. This blog examines the issue of involving existing insurance mechanisms in the implementation of this scheme. Health insurance provision is not well developed in Burkina Faso, where about 2% of the population, mostly employees in the public […]

Dynamic Mapping: An Innovative Tool for Transparent and Equitable Resource Management in the Fight Against COVID-19 in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso’s efforts to respond to COVID-19 have benefited from considerable national and international solidarity, which has been demonstrated through donations, support and multifaceted assistance. To ensure regular monitoring, transparent and equitable management of the resources received, the Ministry of Health has put in place a system of proactively mapping these resources. This blog post […]

Strategic Health Purchasing in Cameroon. Multiple Fragmented Schemes and Opportunities For Alignment in the Universal Health Coverage Context.

aR4D International, Yaoundé – Cameroun Access to quality and affordable healthcare is one of the core objectives of any health system. To achieve this goal, Cameroon has implemented many financing strategies/schemes and undertaken a series of reforms to attain Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 20351. A recent study identified not less than thirty health financing […]

Key Messages from the March FORCE Community Webinar – The Design and Implementation of COVID-19 Vaccine Programs in Africa

Background As of 11th March, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in over 117 million cases and 2.6 million deaths worldwide. The virus’s impact has gone beyond health and has had vast adverse economic effects, which has affected countries worldwide. Vaccines have been identified as a safe and effective way of protecting lives and possibly ending […]

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