Review of Control Mechanisms for the User Fee Exemption Policy Gratuité in Burkina Faso

The Strategic Purchasing for Primary Health Care (SP4PHC) project aims to improve how governments purchase primary health care (PHC) services, with a focus on family planning (FP) and maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH). In Burkina Faso, the project works closely with the government on its user fee exemption scheme, known as the Gratuité policy, which provides a defined package of FP and MNCH services free of charge to pregnant women and children under 5 years old. ThinkWell activities in Burkina Faso include providing technical support to the Technical Secretariat for Universal Health Coverage (ST-CSU) to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of control and verification procedures for Gratuité. The control mechanism of the Gratuité program, instituted to ensure that high-quality services are delivered free of charge, is run by the Ministry of Health (MOH) ST-CSU. A review of the Gratuité program’s control mechanism was conducted by the ST-CSU and ThinkWell. The purpose of this brief is to document the Gratuité control mechanism and capture lessons for its improvement.

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